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Simply Sleep Mattresses are a manufacturer of memory foam mattresses. We specialise in the production of high quality memory foam. Our mattresses can help ensure the best night sleep possible, as our memory foam conforms to your body. This gives support in the right places as well as a soft cumfotable feel to ensure rest.


We can supply single, double, king size and super king size memory foam mattresses. We can also ensure the memory foam mattresses is delivered within 24 - 48 hours as we have stocked warehouses in the UK.


Memory foam comfort with a choice density and size


  • Choose from 25cm mattress, 7.5 cm of 65kg memory foam and 17.5 cm of high performance base foam. All of our memory foam mattresses come with a 10 year warranty. Cotton cover promotes healthy, cool restful sleep & is removable for easy cleaning.


Space Age Material, Down to Earth prices. Originaly Invented by NASA, but now available to everyone!


Memory foam can reduce the amount you toss and turn during the night by 30%. By shaping to your body's contours, your weight is spread more evenly and you won't get as uncomfortable. We think our Memory Foam Mattresses are just as good as the leading brand, but at a fraction of the cost.

*Not all mattresses are available for next day delivery, please check before ordering


Best Sellers

Deluxe memory foam mattress - King

Deluxe King Memory Foam Mattress (£292.00)

Please choose the depth of Memory Foam for your mattress

Sleepsmart 1000 Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepsmart 1000 Memory Foam Mattress (£350.00)

Please choose which size mattress you require

Sleepsmart 700 Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepsmart 700 Memory Foam Mattress (£295.00)

Please choose which size mattress you require


Did You Know?

UK Lags Behind Europe in Memory Foam Mattress Uptake. We're a bit slow on the uptake, but we're getting there!


In Europe, 60% of people sleep on memory foam mattresses. In the UK only 10% have memory foam mattresses!


We were slow on the introduction of the Duvet as well, but it doesn't mean we won't adapt over time!